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To conduct an appraisal which releases the potential of the appraisee.

Programme overview

Research shows that setting individuals clear targets and providing regular feedback, produces high levels of motivation and performance. Performance appraisals are the most common way of implementing this principle within organisations. However, to achieve their full potential, appraisals must be run by managers trained in the key skills.

Programme outcomes
After attending this programme you will be able to:
. Understand the business context of performance appraisals and your responsibilities as appraiser
. Prepare and plan for constructive and effective performance appraisal meetings
. Communicate openly, honestly and professionally during the meeting
. Actively listen and respond appropriately to what appraisees have to say
. Deliver honest and specific feedback
. Help appraisees establish SMART objectives for the future
. Run performance appraisals in a confident and professional manner

Programme content – 1 day
Typical programme content will include:
Effective appraisal preparation and planning
Running the appraisal meeting
Appraisal interviewing skills
Giving honest feedback
Setting SMART objectives
Avoiding common problems of performance appraisal systems
Effective closing of the meeting
. Performance appraisal follow-up
. Post-appraisal evaluation
The main focus of this programme will be on the practical aspects of performance appraisal skills and will involve delegates in extensive role-play exercises where they can practise their appraisal skills and receive feedback. The organisation’s own performance appraisal documentation will be built into the programme.


Who will benefit?
Any individuals who conduct staff appraisals and wish to develop their personal effectiveness in this part of their role.

Recommended maximum number of delegates – 8

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developing an appraisal that focuses
on the appraisee, rather
than the system

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