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To develop practical negotiating skills that enable you to negotiate win-win deals.

Programme overview

Negotiation is fundamental part of business. Individuals may negotiate major contracts with external customers or relatively minor deadline issues with internal colleagues. Either way, effective negotiation requires knowledge and practice of the key skills and processes involved.

Programme outcomes
After attending this programme you will be able to:
. Recognise the different approaches to negotiation and their implications
. Plan effectively for the negotiation process
. Employ the communication and negotiating techniques necessary to secure a win-win outcome
. Develop negotiation strategies that are appropriate to the situation
. Project a professional image during the negotiation process
. Conclude the negotiation positively and professionally

Programme content – 1 day
Typical programme content will include:
Fundamentals of effective negotiation
Preparation for negotiations, including analysis of the other party’s position
Opening and controlling the negotiation process
Negotiation strategies
Specific negotiation scenarios and tactics
Recognising, understanding and dealing with the negotiation games people play
Closing the negotiation
The main focus of this programme will be on the practical aspects of negotiation skills and will involve delegates in extensive role-play exercises where they can practise their negotiation skills and receive feedback.

Who will benefit?
Any individuals who negotiate as part of their role – negotiations may be externally with customers, suppliers, and competitors, or internally with colleagues.

Recommended maximum number of delegates – 10

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