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To develop the management skills required to confidently manage and motivate your department or team and maintain their commitment.

Programme overview

This programme will cover theories and styles of leadership, helping you to understand and develop your own style and its impact on others

Programme outcomes
After attending this programme you will be able to:
. Create and communicate clear team objectives
. Employ the key communication skills necessary for leading an effective team
. Understand the key characteristics of effective teams and how, as a leader, to get the best from each individual within your team
. Recognise the different ways in which individuals are motivated and how to empower your team to make their own decisions
. Understand why individuals resist change and how to minimise this resistance in the workplace.

Programme content – 2 days
Typical programme content will include:
Management versus leadership
Leading a team
Setting SMART objectives
Reviewing team progress
Motivating and delegating
Intra-team communication
. Managing change
. Developing an individual leadership/management action plan

Who will benefit?

Managers and team leaders new to the role, or experienced managers and team leaders who have received little formal training in how to get the best from their team.
This programme is aimed at any individuals responsible for a team of people, looking to enhance their own people management skills and the performance of their team.

Recommended maximum number of delegates
– 10

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