the training approach

You've made an important decision…to invest in your people. You've recognised the value of training and the importance individuals place on achieving their full potential. Yet finding the right training provider can be a challenging task.

Finding the right training provider for your team…

You need to be absolutely sure that your training provider understands your needs and delivers the highest quality training whilst providing value for money.

At Training Focus we promise you all of this and more…we are uncompromising on quality.

Your initial consultation will be free of charge, where we'll take time to listen to your requirements and you'll be able to assess whether we are right for you. We'll start to build a partnership with you. From the very first time you meet us, we'll take responsibility for your training being right for you. We are committed to giving you what you need.

You will be offered a selection of alternative training routes designed to meet your needs. We'll help you make an informed choice of the most appropriate route for you, always keeping your budget in mind.

The fee agreed will be fixed, including all our services such as programme development, so there will be no hidden extras to surprise you later. If, subsequently, extra development work does arise, we will bear the cost. We will not make promises to you that we cannot keep…you can rely on us to deliver.

Designing your training programme…

Your key people and their colleagues will be interviewed to identify their individual training needs. We'll go to great lengths to learn not just about your training needs but also about your business. This enables us to develop detailed and rigorous training programmes, case studies, role-plays and activities customised to stretch your people.

Naturally, the training material will be customised to your business, user-friendly, practical and easy to follow with key points highlighted. After all, if you wanted to provide your team with textbooks, you could have done so!

You'll always be shown the material for approval prior to your training programme. Only when you are totally satisfied that the material will meet your people's needs do we bind it for use in your programme.

Preparing your team for their training…

We appreciate that a training event is only one of a million things that you have to organise. We will therefore help you to prepare your team prior to the training event. To get the most out of the training you'll need to ensure that they understand the aims and objectives of the programme and are fully informed of the pre-training preparation required of them. We'll help you to manage all of this.

Some people are nervous when faced with the prospect of being trained, role-plays often being the main cause. Others may be sceptical or feel that they don't have the time available to invest in training. You may need help preparing these people for the event. We'll always be there with advice and can personally contact them to discuss their individual concerns.

During the training event your team will learn new ideas and overcome any problems they foresee in applying them in their workplace. They'll participate in job-specific role-plays and activities, develop action plans and leave the training room motivated to improve and succeed.

Putting the training into practice…

Following the event, all participants can contact us to discuss problems they encounter in completing their action plans. We'll help them to develop further ideas.

You'll receive a follow-up report highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each participant that you can use alongside each individual's action plan, to supplement their future performance appraisals.

Six weeks after the training event, for a further investment, your team can be provided with a follow-up, half-day training review. This would give all the participants the opportunity to review their action plans, discuss their problems and share their successes. We would also advise you on how best to further develop each individual in the future.

Your investment in a Training Focus programme ensures a thorough, systematic process that delivers customised solutions to meet your training needs.

our training is not the cheapest
on the market. It will however,
always be of the best quality
and value for money

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