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management training programmes:
client relationship management



To enable you to define, manage and retain key clients, developing lasting and profitable relationships.

Programme overview

The key focus of this programme will be learning how to tailor your service for your key clients, enabling you to develop relationships and build client loyalty.

Programme outcomes
After attending this programme you will be able to:
. Understand the importance of CRM for building lasting and profitable relationships with clients
. Identify who your most important clients are and understand how to manage your relationship with them
. Understand what aspect of your company’s product/service your clients value and tailor your service appropriately
. Identify the key decision makers within your client’s organisation and target relationship-building at an appropriate level
. Establish strategies for capturing important client information
. Develop client specific action plans

Programme content – 2 days
Typical programme content will include:
The importance of client relationship management
Understanding what clients want
Measuring client profitability
Defining who your key clients are
Producing key client strategic and tactical plans
Relationship and key date analysis
Implementing a CRM strategy
During this programme managers will apply CRM analysis techniques to their own organisation and clients. They will produce a strategic and tactical plan for at least one major client.

Who will benefit?

Senior managers, managers and key account executives with responsibility for winning and keeping key clients, ensuring they generate a positive return for the business.

Recommended maximum number of delegates - 10

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