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To increase the effectiveness of the communication process, both as a speaker and listener.

To develop an understanding of the different communication styles in colleagues and clients and learn to adapt one’s own style to improve understanding, build rapport and increase persuasiveness.

Programme overview

Managing people within the business and dealing with clients outside the business involves talking to them. This programme will help you to understand why this one-to-one, apparently simple, communication process often breaks down and misunderstandings occur.

Programme outcomes
After attending this programme you will be able to:
. Understand the common barriers to effective communication
. Employ active listening skills that improve your ability to communicate effectively and build rapport with others
. Recognise hidden messages in what other people say
. Employ powerful vocals and body language to increase your personal impact
. Recognise different communication styles and adapt your own style accordingly
. Project a more confident image when communicating face-to-face or over the telephone

Programme content – 1 day
Typical programme content will include:
The three key elements of communication
Active listening skills
The power vocabulary
Using the voice
Effective body language
Different communication styles
Throughout the day, each delegate will build confidence by practising the skills learnt through role-plays, activities and case studies.

Who will benefit?

Any individuals who communicate with others face-to-face, in meetings or on the telephone, who are looking to develop their personal communication effectiveness.

Recommended maximum number of delegates – 20

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improving understanding,
building rapport and

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