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To develop a step-by-step process to persuade others to your point of view.

Programme overview

There are only three ways of making someone do what we want them to do: order them, negotiate with them or persuade them. All three of these techniques have an appropriate time and place in the business world. However, persuasion is undoubtedly the most effective and rewarding of the three. This programme considers a step-by-step logical approach to persuading others to your point of view, plus the communication and assertiveness skills you require to implement that approach.


Programme outcomes
After attending this programme you will be able to:
. Understand the implications of choosing alternative approaches in getting others to do what you want them to do
. Choose the most appropriate means of communicating your ideas to others
. Structure a message in a way that is more likely to be accepted and acted on by others
. Put your message across in an assertive manner
. Project a professional image during the persuasion process

Programme content – 1 day
Typical programme content will include:
Fundamentals of effective persuasion and influence
Effective communication, including active listening, powerful vocals and words, and effective body language
Assertive communication
A seven-step approach to the persuasion process
Using documentation during the persuasion process
Handling questions
The main focus of this programme will be on the practical aspects of persuasion and influence skills and will involve delegates in extensive role-play exercises where they can practise their skills and receive feedback.

Who will benefit?
Any individuals who use persuasion techniques as part of their role this may involve persuading customers, suppliers or internal colleagues, often formally during meetings.

Recommended maximum number of delegates – 10

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