360 degree feedback

The 360-degree feedback process involves gathering information about an individual’s performance from sources all around that individual. This may involve collecting feedback from employees, managers, peers and even customers. Implementing a 360-degree feedback programme can offer enormous benefits to your managers, employees and the organisation as a whole. A well-constructed and managed programme ensures individuals receive a balanced view of their performance and the steps they need to take to improve.

A Training Focus 360-degree programme is simple to operate and designed to easily fit with individual needs and the organisational structure. Our programme offers:

  • Design of questionnaires and feedback reports to fit the competencies used to measure performance within your organisation

  • A presentation to all participants explaining the benefits, purpose, inputs and outputs of the 360-degree process

  • The option for those completing evaluations to use a paper-based or on-line questionnaire, using a quality assured ISO 9001 database system

  • Complete privacy and anonymity for all participants involved in the 360-degree process

  • One-to-one sessions delivered by professional, external coaches trained in the delivery of 360-degree feedback – this ensures individuals trust that feedback is confidential, and handled in a sensitive and supportive manner

  • The option to receive a high level, organisational report

Our 360-degree programme will normally be piloted for a small group of individuals to ensure the outputs from the process meet organisational and individual needs.


simple to operate, designed to easily fit
with individual needs and the
organisational structure

See the Blick Rothenberg 360-degree case study

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