RPW Design

Suite of presentations programmes for RPW design

Training Focus is delivering a series of Practical Presentation and Inspirational Presentation programmes for key employees of RPW Design.  The programmes have been customised to meet the specific needs of this impressive, creative organisation.  These needs include the presentation of interior design concepts for major projects such as the health and leisure facilities at the St. Andrews Golf Club and five-star hotels across the globe.  Training Focus rose to the challenge of preparing the presenters to present designs from their early conception through to the development and construction process to audiences including architects, surveyors, sponsors and owners.

Barclays Captial Logo

Global coaching programmes for BarCap

As part of BarCap’s migration process, Training Focus is delivering a series of Coaching Techniques workshops for new and potential coaches.  This training is being delivered in BarCap’s London and Singapore offices.  Following the training the delegates will be leading a major coaching initiative with new employees globally.  For more info click here… Alongside these workshops Training Focus is also delivering Training Needs Analysis, Train The Trainer and Presentation Skills programmes for key personnel.

Training Focus Talk of the Town

Yorkshire Forward organised a major conference in Scarborough to bring together all the region’s renaissance towns.  On day one of the conference a major part of the morning was devoted to presentations from Towns across the region – this session was called Talk of the Town.  Training Focus coached Town Team members in the concept of the Pecha Kucha style of presenting (click here for more info…)  The aim of the workshops was to help Town Team Members develop powerful five minute presentations to be delivered at the Yorkshire Forward conference that grab the attention of the conference audience, highlighting successes and facilitating the exploration and sharing of best practice.  The presentations delivered by the towns that attended these Training Focus workshops were so successful that further Town Teams are now attending similar events.

Sony Sony Online Marketing Account Management

Training Focus has developed and delivered a ten-month, account management programme for Sony Online Marketing (formerly CiG).  The eight-phase programme was led by a global customer survey.  This was followed with account management training for all key personnel and the facilitation of the team’s strategy development.  This intensive programme will ensure this vital part of the Sony group can successfully handle the growing demands for their services.  This training partnership will form part of Sony's proactive and innovative strategy in this field.
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Training Focus

Training Focus has now extended their suite of highly successful presentations skills training programmes

We now offer a Pecha Kucha programme focusing on delivering creative, thought-provoking presentations in a specific timescale. Click the link for more details...

Mid Beds District Council Mid Beds District Council

Training Focus has been selected as the preferred supplier of Customer Care training for Mid Beds District Council. To ensure they can achieve their aim of being a Council which is: “… approachable, business-like and caring in all dealings with its customers” the Council has decided to deliver in-house, customised Customer Care training to all 312 employees. Having attended a Customer Care training programme delivered by our organisation for South Bedfordshire District Council, Training Focus was invited to tender for the Mid Bedfordshire Council programme and was awarded this prestigious contract.

South Bedfordshire District Council

South Bedfordshire District Council

Training Focus has been chosen as the preferred supplier of Customer Care training for South Bedfordshire District Council. To ensure they can achieve their ambition “… to be a …council where the customer is at the heart of what we do” the Council has recognised the need to put all 470 Council employees, plus the 50 Council Members, through an in-house, customised Customer Care training programme. They invited a number of external training organisations to tender for the design and delivery of an appropriate training programme, and selected Training Focus as being able to provide the ideal solution.

Blick Rothenberg - Chartered Accountants

Blick Rothenberg

Having successfully designed and delivered an integrated management training programme for all levels of management within Blick Rothenberg, Training Focus was commissioned by the partners to manage their 360-degree feedback programme for all managers and partners. Having successfully run a pilot programme for eight managers and partners, Training Focus will roll-out the 360-degree programme across the organisation.



Reesdenton, chartered surveyors, have chosen Training Focus to design and deliver workshops to help them communicate more effectively, both within the team at Reesdenton, and with their clients. Having delivered workshops that culminated in the development of team communication and client relationship management strategies, Training Focus is now working with the Reesdenton team on ways of further developing their team and customer management skills.

Public Arts

Public Arts

Public Arts is a charitable organisation supplying works of art for public spaces, and based in the Orangery in Wakefield. They have commissioned Training Focus to develop customised programmes to enable their team to improve their communication and planning and organising skills.

Borough Council of Wellingborough

Training Focus has been selected to deliver Recruitment and Selection training programmes for the Borough Council of Wellingborough. Having realised the potential costs of failure and litigation if recruitment and selection standards were not consistently applied, Training Focus was commissioned to ensure the high standards already in place within the Council were improved upon, and that discrimination would not be an issue in its recruitment process. Working across the whole organisation with 45 managers involved in the recruitment process, we are delivering tailored programmes to ensure recruitment standards are maintained.

New resources for events and conference companies

After spending many thousands of pounds in hiring conference organisers to reflect your branding and making the right statements, how many times does your audience feel inspired by the event and surroundings, but feel let down by the delivery of the presentation? Training Focus now offer unique training customised to each client in order that they may deliver inspirational presentations that enhance the impact of an event.
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Blick Rothenberg - Chartered Accountants Blick Rothenberg

We are delighted to announce our selection as the preferred training provider for Blick Rothenberg Chartered Accountants. We will initially be working with their managers and senior managers developing team management, planning and organising, presentation and communication skills, plus customer relationship management. The high level involvement of senior partners in the development of this programme demonstrates the commitment to team and clients within this forward thinking, highly respected firm of chartered accountants.

Training Focus Finance Programmes

We have extended our range of programmes to include finance training. This has been made possible by the introduction of Charles Tuffin and Steve Brookson into the Training Focus team. Charles and Steve have many years experience delivering Finance programmes to clients throughout the UK, including British Airways, Safeway, Rolls Royce, Toyota, and KPMG. Charles and Steve provide an exciting addition to our training team.

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