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To learn the skills required to be able to prepare for and deliver a structured, professional and effective presentation, with confidence.

Programme overview

Increasingly managers are expected to be able to present their ideas to colleagues, senior managers or customers in a group situation. This programme focuses on the key skills required to design and deliver professional presentations that make an impact.

Programme outcomes
After attending this programme you will be able to:
. Plan your presentation to ensure it meets the audience's needs and captures their attention
. Focus on the key messages you are trying to deliver and anticipate any negative reaction from the audience
. Deliver your presentations with increased confidence and professionalism
. Make effective use of visual aids
. Overcome nerves and project a positive attitude
. Encourage audience participation and handle questions confidently

Programme content – 2 or 3 days
Typical programme content will include:
Design and preparation of your presentation
Professional presentation skills including confidence building and use of positive body language
Dynamic use of visual aids
Building rapport with the audience
Practical exercises in presentation design and delivery
During this programme, each delegate will design and deliver job specific presentations. Each presentation will be fully de-briefed.

Who will benefit?

Any individuals required to deliver presentations as part of their role, whether internally at meetings or externally to clients. This highly participative programme will ensure that anyone delivering presentations, no matter what experience they have to date, will be able to present a more confident, polished and professional image.

Recommended maximum number of delegates - 8

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designing and delivering
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