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To be able to provide exceptional customer service that wins and retains key clients.

Programme overview

This programme will enable delegates to look at their organisation through their customers’ eyes. They will understand the importance of identifying customers’ needs and measuring their perceptions. Delegates will learn and practise the vital elements of both written and oral communication skills, including the art of making customers feel valued through active listening skills. They will learn how to handle customer complaints positively and assertively, even where the customer is angry.

Programme outcomes
After attending this programme you will be able to:
. Understand what is meant by total customer service and the value of loyal customers to a business
. Identify key internal and external customers, and analyse their needs and perceptions of the service delivered
. Identify the ‘moments of truth’ in service delivery and plan ways of ‘wowing’ the customer
. Communicate professionally with customers, demonstrating respect for their issues and needs
. Write professional business letters and emails to customers that demonstrate respect for their issues and needs
. Handle customer complaints in a professional manner, turning dissatisfied customers into loyal customers

Programme content – 2 days
Typical programme content will include:
The importance of excellent customer service
Internal vs external customers and moments of truth
Measuring customers expectations and perceptions of service
Professional oral and written communication skills
Handling customer complaints
Dealing with angry customers
. Taking responsibility for customer satisfaction

Who will benefit?

Any individuals who deal with important customers, both internally and externally.

Recommended maximum number of delegates – 20

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look at your organisation
through your customers' eyes

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