Mid Beds District Council

case study: Mid Beds District Council (MBDC) Environmental Planning Services


The Environmental Planning team within MBDC set themselves the challenging goal of improving their customer service to an exceptional level that will be the envy of all councils.

Following interviews with key members of the team and their customers, a customer services strategy programme consisting of eleven workshops was designed:

  • Customer Service Fundamentals (for new joiners and a refresher for all)

  • Customer Services Special Situations (focusing on the specific, more difficult situations which the team are faced with)

  • Strategy Development (developing long-term customer service solutions and processes)

  • Review sessions (to monitor progress and further develop strategies).

Over a six-month period the workshops were delivered to the entire Environmental Planning Services team. All members of the team were empowered with developing and instigating customer service strategies and also developed their own personal plans. All aspects were integrated in to the performance management process to ensure long-term success.

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