our commitment to you…

When you choose Training Focus as your provider you will get much more than just training.

Our aim is a simple one…to deliver training solutions to exceed your expectations! We want you to be so pleased with your decision to buy our programmes, you'll recommend your contacts to us.
  • Your initial consultation will be free so that you can be sure that we are right for you before committing to an investment.

  • You will receive a personalised service working with the same people from concept to delivery…we will create a partnership to better understand your needs.

  • Your input is vital so we'll take time to listen to you to create the best possible training solution to match your requirements.

  • Your telephone calls will be returned within 6 hours and email queries within 24 hours, so that you'll not be left waiting for your questions to be answered or the phone to ring.

  • A thorough 'training needs analysis' will be carried out to enable us to deliver tailored solutions to your business and the very best possible results to your people.

  • Your training programme will be managed completely by us, taking away the stresses and strains of designing your training programme, leaving you free to focus on your business.

  • A structured training programme will be developed, providing your people with a logical approach to learning that's easy to follow and apply.

  • Once we have agreed the fees there will be no hidden extras…you can plan your training investment with confidence and be sure you can stick to pre-arranged budgets.

  • You will approve the training material developed prior to the training, ensuring the content will fully deliver your training requirements.

  • Our programmes will include the development of action plans that your team can implement in the workplace to ensure long-term impact of their training.

  • You will receive a written report on the progress of your people within 5 days of the training programme, assessing what they have achieved, enabling you to decide what steps need to be taken to continue their development.

  • We will be honest, truthful and 'up-front' with you at all times…you will never have to read between the lines.

  • Regular evaluation and feedback on our performance is always welcomed and will be formally received, enabling us to constantly look for new ways to improve the service you receive.

to deliver training solutions
to exceed your expectations

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