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To enable managers to make better quality, forward-looking, financial decisions and to become noticeably more financially astute in business.

Programme overview

Rarely can management decisions be made without full consideration of the financial consequences. Managers in all departments of the organisation therefore need to appreciate the financial fundamentals in their business. This programme sets out to de-mystify these financial fundamentals, enabling managers to participate more fully in the decision making process in their business.

Programme outcomes
After attending this programme you will be able to:
. Understand the jargon used by finance directors and accountants
. Identify the different ways of breaking down costs and the implications for making short-run and long-term decisions
. Calculate alternative prices for products/clients/contracts and understand the implications of alternatives for the business
. Apply four different investment appraisal techniques to long-term projects and interpret the results
. Read and understand typical content of the financial press

Programme content – 1 day
Typical programme content will include:
Short term financial decisions: the nature of costs and different methods of setting a price
Long-run decisions: payback, accounting rate of return, net present value and internal rate of return
Application of tools to your particular business
Understanding the financial press

Who will benefit?

Any individuals responsible for making operational decisions. This programme is appropriate for new and experienced managers alike.

Recommended maximum number of delegates – 12

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making better quality,
forward-looking, financial decisions

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